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Restoration Monthly Mar ’16

Although as I write this I'm watching more snowfall, spring is on its way.  I spent the morning purging my kids' snowman paintings, putting out spring décor, and getting my organic seeds and pots ready for another attempt at a garden.  Spring, I'm ready. But I also feel a shift within, a need to revitalize my body and get ready for warmth. In light of this, I want to share my secrets for cleaning, supporting, and restoring the body.  This is a natural time to crave detoxification, your body's ability to eliminate the sludge we are exposed to. Our liver, kidneys, and intestines trap toxins and safely eliminate them.  However, this is a nutrient-dependent process. It can be stalled in people who have never done a detox, live in a toxic environment, have a chronic condition of any type, or eat a depleted diet. Essential Oils & Detox Mandarin oil has relaxing as well as liver-supportive properties. Frankincense is great for slowing down, relaxation & meditation. Detox the Mind. Rosemary oil is great in helping improve circulation & inflammation. Geranium is great for balancing, mood elevation as well as immune support. Even if we're living perfectly – eating 11 servings of fruits and vegetables per day, drinking filtered water, staying away from medications, alcohol, tobacco, drugs – toxins get into our homes and bodies. We are surrounded by them. Our furniture is manufactured with carcinogenic and hormone-disrupting chemicals as seen on a  recent Dr. Oz show. Our foods are manufactured to produce pesticides as they grow. They are sprayed with a...

sugar feeds cancer

Restoration Monthly Feb ’16

Cancer in the U.S. The statistics in the United States on cancer are astounding. If you are male living in the US, your lifetime risk of getting cancer is 1 in 2, females living in the US your risk is 1 in 3. The fastest way to reduce your risk is to move out of the country. No joke. When people leave the United States, their risk drops significantly and rapidly. I'm actually serious about this. But what do we need to do if we want to stay in this country and be healthy? When I heard these statistics I was astonished. What is it about living in the US that's so difficult on our bodies? The truth is our environment is built & marketed to create illness. It's not that we don't want to be healthy. Our society makes it inconvenient to support healthy choices and we actually have to work to be healthy. Cancer & Nutrition Facts Vitamin D has shown to have anti-cancer benefits in the body. Phytonutrients provide multiple benefits- including reduced overall risk of cancer and better outcomes when combined with cancer therapies. Breathe, deeply! This can help reduce stress and reduce your risk of cancer. The other day I sat down to watch TV after work and listened carefully to what was coming out. According to TV, eating McDonalds chicken nuggets is like winning an Olympic medal! The McDonalds strawberry-chocolate shake (their online menu says it has 560 calories and 90 grams of sugar) will heal everything that ails you! And you can have a...